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Commission information

I’m going to put a button in my sidebar for payment (I would have just put it on this post but it doesn’t look like that works).

Message me via ask with a request when you’re ready to pay, we’ll talk about what you want and I’ll ask for your email, then send the payment and I’ll have the art completed and to you ASAP.

Don’t worry in regards to shows/characters/ships if you want fan art. I’m happy to do research if it’s a show I don’t watch but I may need to ask you about a few things.

Okay here are the prices:

If you have a request that doesn’t necessarily fit into any of those just message me and we’ll talk about it.

About posting commission pieces I would ask the buyer if it’s okay with them before doing so and also link them if they’re, again, okay with me doing so.

Any other questions feel free to pop in my ask!


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